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Receive Instant Support in 4 easy steps!


  1. Click your platform icon (ie Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS) for desired support type (ie Attended, Unattended, or Online Meeting)

  2. Download / Save / Run / Install file

  3. Contact Us by phone or email to provide your auto-generated ID and Password, and/or for assistance with installation.

  4. A Support Technician will be with you shortly!


Customer and Support Technician share viewing and controlling of the device.




Ideal for either convenience or time-critical issues that require immediate response, where device pickup / drop off is not a viable option.


Support Technician services the device, even if customer is unable to participate.




Ideal for businesses and individuals whom prefer after-hours services

and maintenance


 Customer displays their device's screen, without sharing control of the device(s) with the Support Technician.



Ideal for meetings, propositions, and general information sharing

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