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In a Linear business model, only one task can be performed at a time, as the technician cannot be in two places at once, hence resulting in higher prices in order to compensate for the technician’s time. 

For example, our Speed Optimization 17-point inspection service typically takes an average of  ~8 hours to complete. 

However, in our Simultaneous business model, we conveniently pick up multiple customers’ devices (whenever possible), and work on them from either our mobile Lab or home-office-based Lab equipped with Servers, Tools, Gigabit Network, and Business-Class High-Speed Internet for the fastest turn-around time possible! 


Or if you prefer, we can also work on-site, or remotely connect to your device(s) via Remote Assistance

This enables us to service multiple devices at once, hence being able to achieve more tasks within the same allotted amount of time, resulting in more productivity in less time, hence lower prices to our clients and customers.

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Multiple Options Available


1. Device(s) pickup

2. Work-on-site

3. Remote Assistance

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