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i&i Lab

Imagination and Innovation Lab


To establish a publicly accessible, not-for-profit Technical Community Center for the purpose of our Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Inspire and Invest into THIS GENERATION!


To bridge the gap in today's marketplace, between book "Theoretical Knowledge" and "Real World" application and experience.


To network and integrate partners, both Public and Private Sectors (Vendors, Service Providers, End Users, Consumers, Employers, Employees, and Educators), in order for technologies and proof-of-concepts to be more easily accessible, tested, experimented, and/or simply just "viewed in action" in real world scenario applications and use-cases.


Spark curiosity and creativity in the minds of children, students, educators, and working professionals alike, by way of showcasing technology solutions currently available in today's market. Allow both public and private sectors to "explore the possibilities" as well as "inspire, and thus consequently experiment with ideas." In turn, connect them with a wide network of resources, in order to bring those ideas and solutions one step closer to fruition!





  • Publicity, increased tourism

  • Incentives in alignment with government as well as private company initiatives for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

  • Increase Youth and Adult Education Enrollments

  • Attractive to Companies in favor of Social Responsibility (donations, promo)

  • Attractive to Vendors per "free marketing" increasing potential sales

  • Attractive to schools and educators who want to give students a more "hands on" approach and experience, within a very elaborate and eclectic state-of-the-art technical facility and environment, ie "field trips" and/or curricular Lab(s)



  • Spark Invigoration, Excitement, and Pride in your hometown and community!

  • Common grounds meeting place for social gathering of like-minded individuals


Students, Employers, Employees

  • Students need "hands on"

  • Employees need experience

  • Employers want experience

  • Win, Win, Win


Examples of Showcases and Activities

  • Software Coding Kiosks

  • Robotics

  • POS's

  • Logistics Hardware (barcode scanners, label printers)

  • VoiP Telecom Systems (Office, Conference Rooms, Mobile)

  • AV (Audio/Video)

  • Networks

  • Servers

  • Endpoints/Devices (Dual Displays, Thin-Clients / Zero-Clients, Convertable Tablets, etc...)

  • Integrations (ie Xbox Sensor + Digital Signage for "presence awareness")

  • And much more!


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