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Founded on the principle of passing savings on to our clients and customers.

Founded in 2002, we apply lessons-learned, best practices, and white-paper Industry Standards, with over 20 years of experience and expertise across multiple sectors including Education, Finance, Energy, Defense, Law Enforcement, Emergency Response, DoD,
Manufacturing, Residential and Commercial Small Business and Enterprise.

Combining two very powerful concepts, to bring to you the very best value and customer service experience possible, and at the most affordable price:

1) Increase Efficiency

2) Reduce Operational Costs

Who can you trust?


Privacy and Security

is our Top Priority!


Wholesale Computer Services

delivers the highest standard of ethics, integrityand professionalism.


 Let our 20+ years of experience supporting large organizations 

(including Classified DoD)

work for you

  • Federal and State Registered Company

  • Insured and Bonded

  • Owner & Operator

    • B.S Degree in Computer Science and Network Engineering Technology

    • B.S Degree in Business Administration

    • CompTIA A+ Certified

    • CompTIA Network+ Certified

    • MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) Certified

  • Industry Standards (Whitepaper, Best Practices, and Compliance)

    • Home/Residential

    • Small Business

    • Corporate/Enterprise

    • Education

    • Creative Arts

      • Music​ Production

      • Film/Cinema

    • Health

      • HiTEC​H Compliance

      • HHS HIPAA Compliance

    • Government

      • Top Secret Security Clearance (eVerify)

      • Private Defense Contractors and Public Sector DoD

      • CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Systems) Certified

  • Authorized Distributor



      EDR (Endpoint Detect and Response) NextGen Anti-Virus

      RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management)

      Backup "Time Machine"

  • Experience with most major brands / manufacturers:

        - Acer

        - Apple

        - Asus

        - Blackberry

        - Brother

        - Gateway / eMachines

        - IBM / Lenovo

        - Samsung

        - Sony

        - Lexmark

        - Microsoft

        - Motorola

        - Nokia

        - LG

        - and many more....

Contact Us


Multiple Options Available


1. Device(s) pickup

2. Work-on-site

3. Remote Assistance



Following the wisdom of a multitude of ancient texts, we've incorporated into our financial operations, a  dedicated budget, reserved solely for the purpose of community service!


Take pride in that every dollar you spend at WCS, a percentage of 10%  is allocated towards programs we're partnered with, such as churches, food banks, employment training and rehabilitation centers, temporary housing, and the like.


We understand that... "What goes around, comes around!"

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